Monday, June 5, 2017

Mehmet Yesilcali: “The revolutionary mind does not surrender”

ATIK trial

Mehmet Yesilcali: “The revolutionary mind does not surrender”

In Munich’s high court, the trial of Muslum Elma, Seyit Ali Ugur, Haydar Bern, Erhan Akturk,  Musa Demir, Banu Buyukavci, Sinan Aydin, Sami Solmaz, Mehmet Yesilcali and Deniz Pektas cadres of ATIK  that are being accused to be members and leaders of TKP/ML, is continued. The trial is known as “the trial of communists in Munich”. At the 29th of May the lawyers' request for Mehmet Yesilcali to be released on medical terms was rejected.
Mehmet Yesilcali faces health problems from long-term imprisonment and tortures in Turkish prisons, which have been aggravated by two-year detention on the inhuman conditions of isolation and torture in German prisons. Lawyers have filed the request in accordance with the law for a long time now, on the basis of the medical records that monitor his state of health.
The court rejected the claim with the argument that the accused did not cooperate with the court and did not give the information requested! Ιn the rejection of the request the seat of the intercession provocatively emphasized“It is In your hand how much your penalty will be, accept the accusations, be open to co-operation with the court in order to discuss your release" ( !!!) Mehmet Yesilcali answered: Their expectations are a sign that bourgeois prosecutors and judges do not know the revolutionary mind. We tell them that those who think that we who have spent many years in prison and have been tortured will surrender, are trying in vain. The revolutionary mind does not surrender. “
It is common for the German courts to try and use the accused immigrants as Collaborators and traitors, using as a negotiating paper their access to medical treatment when they need it, in case of health problems.

The International Committee of Solidarity to Political Prisoners (UPOTUDAK) called for a demonstration at the High Court in Munich on Friday the 2nd of June, to protest against the inhuman and illegal attitude of the court.

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