Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Syria, Turkey and Kurdistan : Interview with a member of the TiKKO Maoist guerrilla.

Taken from OCML-VP

Partisan Magazine was fortunate to be able to interview a revolutionary who has been fighting in Rojava for several months with TiKKO [1] where he explains the tactical and strategic positions adopted by the organisation regarding the situation in Syria, Kurdistan and Turkey.

What is TiKKO and what are its aims ?

TiKKO is a Maoist guerrilla organisation, the armed wing of the TKP/ML [2], engaged in People’s War in Turkey and the part of Kurdistan under Turkish control with the aim of bringing down the Fascist Turkish state. The TKP/ML was founded in 1972 in order to take over the role of guiding the Turkish proletariat previously led by the TKP [3], which had become Revisionist and no longer accepted Marxism-Leninism, falling prey to national-chauvism and failing to criticise the Kemalist brand of Fascism [4] that forms the bedrock of the Republic of Turkey, splitting especially due differences over the Kurdish national question.

Basic concepts of Dialectics

by Thomas Weston, from the website marxist philosophy

Dialectics is the general theory of how things come into existence, change, and die out. Dialectics concentrates on processes, relations, and systems, and maintains that the main causes of the changes in processes, relationships or things are their internal conflicts (“contradictions”).  

Opposition is a relationship between two things (“sides,” “aspects”) that exclude each other but are also connected, where that each side is what it is partly because of its relation to its opposite. This means, in particular, that if something were separated from its opposite (assuming that is possible), it would have to change a lot. Opposition does not automatically imply conflict.

Fighting environmental injustice (and Eldorado Gold mines) in Europe

By Nick Meynen*

Behind the dominant narrative of the Greek crisis, there is a story of resource exploitation that will be all too familiar to millions of people in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

With their soil rich in gold and a mountain of debt, Greece has become a prime target for mining companies looking to do big business at the expense of people and the environment.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Naxalbari Lives and Thrives in Dandakaranya

by Varavara Rao*

“In India, the Naxalbari Peasant Revolutionary Armed Uprising, which will complete its 50th anniversary – was influenced and inspired by the Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution of China. Naxalbari was a path breaking event under the leadership of Com. Charu Majumdar – one of the two great leaders, teachers and founders of the CPI (Maoist, Com. Charu Majumdar and Kanhai Chatterjee – which marked a new beginning in the history of the country’s democratic revolution.”

It is the observation made by the Central Committee of CPI (Maoist) while giving a call to celebrate the four great events in the history to achieve socialism in the world, including the fiftieth anniversary of Naxalbari.