Friday, January 12, 2018

How dare she?

Last Tuesday, Israel Defense Forces soldiers shot Hamed al-Masri, 15, in the head, wounding the unarmed boy from Salfit severely. On Friday, soldiers shot the unarmed Mohammed Tamimi, also 15, in the head, wounding the Nabi Saleh boy severely. Also on Friday, soldiers killed Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, a double amputee, shooting him in the head, too. On the same day Ahed Tamimi, 16, stood in the courtyard of her home with her girlfriend and slapped an IDF officer who had invaded her home.
Israel woke from its slumber angry: How dare she. The three victims of the barbaric shooting didn’t interest Israelis, and the media didn’t even bother to report on them. But the slap (and kick) by Tamimi provoked rage. How dare she slap an IDF soldier? A soldier whose friends slap, beat, abduct and of course shoot Palestinians almost every day.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Letter from jail

Prof. G.N. Saibaba is a former Delhi University professor who is currently serving life sentence for his alleged links to Communist Party of India (Maoist) and his health is in critical condition. He wrote a letter from Nagpur Central Jail. This time he wrote to Anjum. Anjum is one of the central figures of Arundhati Roy’s new novel, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness.

Dear Anjum,
How are you? I hope you are doing well along with the entire Ministry in Jannet Guest House. I hope you still remember me six months after my disappearance from Delhi. I know it’s easy to forget people who go to prisons or the otherworldly worlds. Life outside on the Earth has to go on.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Coal Miners' Strike Spreads In Kazakhstan As Workers Stay Underground

From: RFE/RL

SHAKHTINSK, Kazakhstan -- A strike by coal miners in north-central Kazakhstan has spread to more mines as hundreds of workers are refusing to return to the surface, demanding higher salaries and better benefits.

Kazakh Labor Minister Tamara Duisenova told reporters on December 12 that 684 miners at eight different mines have spent two nights underground in coal mines in the town of Shakhtinsk, in the Qaraghandy region.

Against Netanyahu, Trump and Macron : Support the Palestinian people !

Trump has once more fawned to the Zionists and to the most reactionary element of his own electorate by recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But what can that do to change the revolt of the Palestinian people other than further stoke its anger against imperialist, Zionism and its allies ?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine: Our struggle – not Trump – will decide the fate of Jerusalem

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine described the declaration of US President Donald Trump as a declaration of war against the Palestinian people and their rights that makes the U.S. position clear as a hostile entity toward our people and a partner of the Zionist state in its crimes against the Palestinian people and land, and it must be addressed on this basis.
Further, the Front considered that Trump also launched a “bullet of mercy” on the so-called two-state solution, the settlement project and the delusions of the peace process. It called upon the Palestinian leadership to learn the necessary lessons from the devastating experience of reliance on negotiations and U.S. domination and announce the immediate withdrawal from the Oslo agreement and all subsequent and attendant obligations.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The road we want to follow

Presentation of CPG(m-l)  in the International Meeting that took place in Athens  on  4 and 5 of November.
Main event:
100 years from October of 1917. The Socialist revolution inspires, teaches and leads.
This year is the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. It has been a hundred years since the first successful attempt of the common people, of the proletarians to come to power; a hundred years since the first successful attempt of the exploited and suppressed working class and the masses of the poor people’s strata. This was the first step to build a different society, without the exploitation of man by man, to build a socialist society, followed by a communist one.
This is the 100th anniversary since those who produce the wealth of our society stormed into the heavens, upon whose labor the bourgeoisie and all kinds of exploitative classes built their own domination. And it was the former who changed the course of history once and for all! Nothing remained the same as before, in a global level. Organized as they were through the new forms of power that emerged from the flames of class struggle and the war, through the Soviet power, and under the guidance of the Bolshevik Party, Lenin and Stalin’s Party, they practically proved the relentless power hidden within the millions of oppressed workers and people. They proved that the proletariat can seize the power and keep it for its own sake. In spite of the dominant propaganda which considered that the “dirty poor”, the “uneducated”, the “half-wit” working class is unable of such a feat, let aside to govern. They considered that the struggle for a just society without exploitation and oppression, for a society ruled by the people was, more or less, a utopia. They told us that this world can never change, that whatever was, will remain for eternity. They told us that it is in the nature of man to live under injustice, inequality and oppression, war and poverty, that it is natural for the few and powerful to govern over those who produce society’s wealth.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Not all revolutionary situations give birth to revolutions.

Presentation of CPG(m-l)  in the International Meeting that took place in Athens  on  4 and 5 of November.
Topic of Discussion:
October revolutionImperialist war – weakest chain link – social alliances -vanguard of the working class – socialist construction. Questions and answers about the October revolution that shook the world
Not all revolutionary situations give birth to revolutions. Neither the rising of the common people nor the crisis of the elite will cause the overthrowing. The objective changes must meet on with the subjective, and the revolutionary class must have the ability to take on action, to guide and to be as powerful as it needs to be to crush the old government, that, as Lenin said, “not even in times of crisis will not fall unless overthrown”.

The 1st Imperialist World War combined the three contradictions (capital-labor, contradictions between imperialists and imperialism-peoples) and accelerated the struggle of the Russian proletariat. In 1917, while Russia was in a general crisis that the provisional government of Kerensky was unable to manage, the workers drive away the management of the enterprises and demand that power passes to the soviets. The peasants are disappointed by the SR party and do not apply the farming program. They defy the landlords, trespass their land, attack their villas and rise against them. The Bolsheviks guide the sailors and the soldiers refuse to fight in the front and driving the reactionary officers away, electing new ones in their place. The objective situation thus creates pre-revolutionary conditions. The correct party line and the determination of the Bolsheviks and the continuous confidence of the masses in them creates the subjective conditions. The power of the soviets of workers, peasants and soldiers is born from the will for a better life and stems from the Aurora guns and the weapons of the Red Guard, which invades the winter palace. The revolution is a reality, the ice has been broken, the road is open, the way has been shown.